Lake Turkana

18. 03. 02
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It is located in Turkana County, northern part of Kenya. Lake Turkana is the world’s largest permanent alkaline desert lake covering an area of 6,405 square km. Its northern tip crosses into Ethiopia and is fed by three rivers – the Omo of Ethiopia, the Turkwel and the Kerio. The lake is also called the Jade Sea because of its azure-green colour from algae in bloom.
Sibiloi National Park, one of the world’s greatest treasures as the cradle of humankind is located in L. Turkana. It was originally established by the National Museums of Kenya to protect unique pre-historic and archaeological sites.

Koobi Fora is situated in the north eastern shores of Lake Turkana, within the Sibiloi National Park. This area boasts several archaeological and paleontological sites that have put Kenya on the world map as the “Cradle of Mankind”. The area is also part of UNESCO’s inscribed Lake Turkana World Heritage Sites.
Well preserved hominin fossils dating to as early as 2.1 million years have been discovered. These include such genus as Australopithecines and Homo. Stone tools dating to almost two million years have also been discovered. Other important discoveries in this area are evidence of the earliest humanly controlled fire, fossil fauna and flora such as the petrified forest found at Alia Bay, as well as fossil footprints of hominids and different species of fauna. The geology of this area is also unique.
Together with the paleontological and archaeological found, the area has provided immense information on the evolution of life, including the kind of environments during different periods, settlement patterns, and subsistence as well as general evolution traits of different life forms.