Mombasa-Sun,Sea and Sand are merely perimeters of Mombasa

With a population of around one million people, Mombasa is Kenya’s lively second city and is a great place to explore for some fun in the sun, before or after your Kenyan Safari experience. History buffs will enjoy exploring the historical sites such as the Gedi ruins and Fort Jesus - the story of Mombasa is one of prosperous trade and dramatic conflict. For those who seek a calmer pace of life, it’s the perfect place to relax and soak up the African sun; there are many beautiful beaches to choose from.

The warm azure waters of the Indian Ocean are just waiting to entice you in while the palm tree-lined beaches are a stunning spot for relaxation. For those who enjoy exploring below the surface, there is an excellent off-shore reef running the full length of the Kenyan coast. Go snorkeling or scuba diving from a traditional dhow, or you can visit the Watamu Marine Park to see a huge diversity of marine life.
Whether you are travelling in style or on a shoestring budget, the Mombasa experience promises to be an exciting and luxurious addition to your Kenyan safari adventure.


  • Ivory Burning Site Monument
  • Fort Jesus and the Old Town.
  • Diani Beach
  • Haller Park
  • Mombasa marine National Park
  • Shimba hillls National Reserve
  • Swahili cultural center
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